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How to Check the Authenticity of CenturyPly?


As much as we would like everything in this world to be fair and just, the sad truth of life is that there is a lot of corruption in the world. There are people around every corner who are looking to scam you out of your money and go to great extents to do so.

Hence, it is rather scary to purchase anything requiring a big amount of money from sellers you have not bought anything from before.

Especially when making such an important investment as buying plywood for your house, it is of the utmost importance that you do all your research before choosing between buying plywood can be a big investment.

When it comes to purchasing CenturyPly plywood, several sellers may knock on your door.

However, how do you know which one of them is legitimate and which one of them is a scammer? When it comes to CenturyPly, you can easily verify which product is authentic and which is fake by using the CenturyPromise application.


What is CenturyPromise?

CenturyPromise is an app developed for the sole purpose of identifying whether the plywood you are purchasing is authentic or not.

All you have to do is scan the QR code available on all CenturyPly products and the app will tell you if the plywood is real or fake.

There will be a lot of sellers who will be happy to scam you and give unauthentic products. However, with this app, you can easily identify original plywood.

This has become an increasingly important task in recent times when scammers have gotten even better at duplicating original products from reputed brands and selling them off as their own.

The issue of duplicity must be addressed immediately. We may not be able to root out all the corruption in society, but we can spread awareness. Consumer awareness is highly essential for consumer protection. Thus, CenturyPromise came into existence.


How to use the CenturyPromise application


How to use the CenturyPromise application?

Each one of the products will have a unique QR code that you can scan using this app and get reliable results.

Here are the necessary steps to follow:

  • Download the CenturyPromise application from the google play store or app store.
  • Once you have installed the app, you will be asked to log in using your details. However, if you are a first-time user, you will be asked to register instead of logging in.
  • Locate the QR code scanner in the app. This is where the actual job will happen.
  •  Then, simply scan the QR code from the product that you are purchasing to verify its authenticity. You may also choose to manually enter the QR code instead of using the scanner’s camera.

If the product is genuine, the app will flash a message affirming the same. However, if it is a dupe, you will be notified of the same.


What does the CenturyPromise application show?

The CenturyPromise application will not only verify the genuineness of the desired product for you but will also give you the necessary details in the form of a petite portfolio about the product.

Along with the message affirming the variety of the product, there will be a detailed message containing a list of the specifications of every product, the authenticity certificate for that particular plywood along with the e-warranty certificate.

The best thing about this app is that even after you have purchased the product, it helps you save some extra costs even then.

If you face any damages or problems concerning the plywood you purchased, you can easily install the CenturyPromise application and download the online plywood warranty certificate from there.


Who can use the CenturyPromise application?

Anyone can use the CenturyPromise application! From retailers to consumers, this app provides relief from scams to everyone.

It is not just consumers who suffer from this problem, but retailers perhaps suffer even more. This is because they have to purchase products in bulk.

Before, there was no way of knowing whether the products were genuine or not. However, with the introduction of the CenturyPromise application, you can now easily ensure that every product you get is authentic.



Any paying customer will want to ensure that they get only the best value for their money. Although there was no way of verifying the authenticity of each product before, the CenturyPromise application has provided great relief to many by allowing instant verification and differentiation of real and fake products.

Moreover, you can download the e-warranty certificate and get a detailed list of all the specifications of the plywood, which provides even more relief.


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