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4 Simple Reason Why India is The Best Place to Visit


Many people enquire as to why I would go to India. I always have no problem telling them, though. What does this country have to offer me, they enquire? I typically respond, “Everything you could imagine and more,” and here are just a few of the primary factors that make me adore India so much and, ultimately, drive my recommendation that they visit.

Most people are unable to look past the brilliantly articulated reasons why they shouldn’t visit India, like the poverty, danger, noise, and pollution, but are these really valid reasons to stay away from this amazing country?

Here are just a few reasons why visiting India is not advised, I don’t believe so, and here are just a few reasons why visiting India is the best travel option worldwide.






With an approximately 1.35 billion population, India is the second-most populous nation in the world and is expected to pass China in the next years. With more than 15% of the world’s population living in one country, which occupies just 2.4 percent of its total land area, the room is scarce, to say the least.

As a result of growing up next to one another, the population is extremely tolerant. Only the vast continent of Africa has a population that is more culturally, genetically, and linguistically diverse.

The inhabitants of this place are a striking reflection of India’s glorious history.

The people here are a striking reflection of India’s glorious past, including its legendary monarchs, invasions, and ancient civilizations. Ancient traditions including meals, customs, and mannerisms that are uniquely Indian have been passed down through the decades, making Indians a fascinating race to observe.

It is easy to feel as though you are constantly traveling to completely new nations every day when in reality you may have only driven 50 miles since everywhere you go there are such stark differences in culture, language, color, and ideology.



India’s geography and landscape are further reasons why you should put going there at the top of your list. I’ve talked about “India’s great diversities and unending contrasts” a lot lately, but I still believe that this is the only way to adequately describe the country.

And I won’t stop now because this is unquestionably the only way to depict the spectacular terrain that gives India its name.

Before traveling south and passing through wild, serpentine rivers, endless deltas, barren deserts, rain forests, rainforests, unique islands, and palm-fringed beaches, the tallest mountain range in the globe serves as the northernmost border.


The nation includes all of the world’s tundras and perhaps even a few more!

In India, you may virtually travel the globe without ever leaving. Despite spending years traveling, many individuals never get to see some of India’s most beautiful landscapes and scenes.

What else is there to say other than the fact that you must actually experience it for yourself in order to even begin to understand why visiting India is the pinnacle of experiences?






India is home to some truly magnificent buildings and structures with a long and rich history. Things like the magnificence of the Taj Mahal or the enormous grandeur of Jodhpur Fort will astound you.

You’ll always come across something fresh and intriguing, like a mystery rat temple or a floating palace. After that, a short bus ride away, you can find intriguing rock-face carvings that resemble the Ellora and Ajanta caves.

Choose from among the innumerable cathedrals, mosques, temples like Tirupati Balaji, royal palaces, antique carvings, historical cities, and forts that makeup India’s history.

If you enjoy architecture or history, India is the place for you, but even if neither of those things is your thing, you’ll still be blown away! For a list of some of India’s top attractions, click this link.






When I initially arrived in India, I wasn’t a great lover of Indian food; I mean, I had nothing against it (hopefully someone will find that joke amusing…) Anyway, all I really have to say about it is that I love it now.


Indian cuisine is primarily distinguished by the very skillful yet fairly understated use of herbs and spices. Every region has a special meal, and you might even claim that every family cooks it in a unique way.

The Indian diet consists largely of dishes that have been handed down to families through many generations. India is a vegetarian paradise since the vast majority of Indians are vegetarians or at least consume a predominantly vegetarian diet.

That’s not to suggest, though, that a meat lover wouldn’t feel left out, as the diversity and creativity of the food here are incredible and far more daring and alluring than the anglicized brown food you may find in your neighborhood takeaway.


You can now obtain western food in most places, so don’t worry if you don’t like Indian food. You will still be able to survive.


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