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What is Fansly?

In the wake of OnlyFans’ surprising decision to prohibit explicit and sex content, several content creators have expressed a desire to work on a different site.

Creators are concerned that they can’t rely on OnlyFans or trust that the platform will continue to support them even though the platform has reversed the rule change and is once again permitting adult content.

It’s not easy for creators to express themselves and upload the content and themes that their fans want to see on OnlyFans because of the platform’s clumsy user interface and numerous content constraints.

Many of these issues have been addressed by Fansly, making it a popular alternative to OnlyFans among content creators.

Just what does “Fansly” entail?

As far as OnlyFans is concerned, Fansly is a carbon copy. It’s a paid social network for adults where members can interact with one another through the exchange of media and private messages.

Fansly seems to offer most of the same features as OnlyFans, but it also adds many important additional features, such as the option to search for new creators on the site and to follow creators for free before deciding to buy a subscription.

Fansly, in contrast to OnlyFans, lets creators set up different pricing tiers for subscribers. Compared to OnlyFans, which only allows for a single monthly subscription pricing, this is a handy tool that gives producers greater choice.

Is It Time to Make the Move to Fansly?

Fansly is an excellent choice if you are starting a business selling subscriptions to pornographic material. To rival OnlyFans, they’ve attracted many creators and, as a result, seen a significant exodus of their respective fan bases.

If you already have a sizeable fan base on OnlyFans, you shouldn’t delete your account there; instead, you should keep it active and publish as usual and post identical stuff on Fansly. Put up identical content on both platforms. You can quickly direct your followers to your alternative profile if the first one ever goes down, you get banned, or they alter their terms of service.

Check out our guide to getting started with OnlyFans if you’re still interested in doing that instead of Fansly.

Is there anything else like Fansly out there?

And while OnlyFans had done a lot of the groundwork by simply permitting NSFW content and providing a place for creators to perform when every platform was banning them, Fansly is now entering the fray with some new features, and I have to say, it sounds rather enticing!

A structured hierarchy of devotees.

Very intriguing; it’s like a cross between Patreon and OnlyFans. Rather than having a “free account” and a “premium account,” like on OnlyFans, your subscribers can pick between different “tiers” of service, each of which grants access to a different set of your posts. Creators can use emojis as a kind of censorship, with the emoji being visible to free users but hidden from paying customers. Isn’t it cool?

According to Mel Magazine, most authors use a pricing structure similar to OnlyFans, with their primary premium tier costing between $5 and $15 per month. While many content providers offer a single tier, popular performers might charge extra for access to exclusive content like live sexting/cam sessions, live chats, longer (15+ minute) movies, etc.

This is a win-win situation for the audience and the artists

One of the best features of OnlyFans is the ability to earn rewards for referring other producers to the platform. Fansly is better because it also includes a referral scheme for loyal users. If you’re already a subscriber and a friend of yours signs up using your promo code, you’ll save money on your next bill.

A platform where talented artists can be found

This is a major one. Unlike OnlyFans, Fansly has a dedicated discover section. Like on a camming site like Chaturbate, potential fans can peruse various profiles in the explore section, which is great for creators looking to expand their fan bases. Realistically, OnlyFans doesn’t have any feature like this, hence Fansly has a huge advantage.

The platform has recognized the “larger issue” of creating inappropriate content for all audiences online.

This platform isn’t only seeking to empower sex workers in an honest way; it’s also shedding light on the widespread problem of how these individuals are treated online. Fansly’s tweet is a bit of a jab at the firms founded by sex workers but isn’t exactly welcoming to the community of sex workers. I wonder who they might be referring to there.

Sign Up for Fansly Now!

Fansly’s onboarding process is quick and painless. It’s even less complicated than OnlyFans, in my experience. To begin, visit their webpage and select the sign-up link.

Your email, name, and password are required fields. Soon after, Fansly will send you an email requesting confirmation of your email address.

Get Confirmed

Similar to OnlyFans, making money on Fansly will require you to authenticate your identity. The good news is that this is significantly simpler than it was with OnlyFans.

There were many denials of my initial OnlyFans account application before it was ultimately accepted. My application for an OnlyFans account was granted after waiting more than a month. There wasn’t much use in their backing, though.

Just 5 minutes after submitting my application to Fansly, I received confirmation that it had been accepted. That’s right, and you read that right!

The authentication procedure on Fansly is pretty similar to that on OnlyFans. Start by giving us some information about yourself by filling out this form.

Then, to complete your Fansly identity verification, you’ll need to provide two items:

  •  I.D. (passport, driver’s license, etc.) photo
  • Take a picture of yourself holding your ID and write “For Fansly,” the date, and your name on a homemade sign.
  • Take a photo of yourself with the sign and ID, and make sure it and the photo of your ID are clear.
  • There will be a review of your application after you submit it. Mine was accepted quickly, as I mentioned before.

Include a Means of Payment

After your account is confirmed, you can select a withdrawal option. Skrill, Paxum, and direct bank deposit are the current payout options on Fansly. Select your preferred method and fill out the required fields.

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