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Mileage, Features, and Performance Of The Hero Passion Pro

As it consists of two subsegments, the 100cc and 110cc bike engine segments are very interesting. One offers an easy-to-handle motorcycle, and the other offers you a motorcycle with more features and style.

As for Hero, the Splendor falls under the former segment of bikes, while the Passion gives you a more premium biking experience. We’ve seen the design and mechanism of the Passion evolve over the last two decades, but nothing beats what we saw in the 2020 Passion Pro, with an amazing Passion Pro bike price.


During the last update, the motor was upgraded to a 109.1cc unit developed by Splendor, which is exclusive to its iSmart 110 models. However, it has now updated the 113cc type engine from iSmart, which also complies with BS6 standards.

There is a slight drop in peak horsepower, but torque is up. This unit produces 9.9Nm and 9.15hp. A two-wheeler loan can be obtained from Bajaj Finserv by visiting the partner showrooms after booking a bike or scooter on Bajaj Mall with this Passion Pro bike price.


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There isn’t much to criticize about fuel-injected engines – they’re smoother and more powerful. In 7.21 seconds, the bike reaches 60kph, and in 14.9 seconds, it reaches 80kph. At around 80kph, you’ll love how relaxed it feels.

Such numbers are bound to impress all bike lovers, and they also appreciate how unstressed they would feel on the road as well. In terms of performance at reduced biking speeds, the bike chugs along nicely without requiring much clutch control. 

By letting go of the clutch, the bike then relies on the new Autosail‘ technology, which helps you move forward in traffic. Only one section on the powertrain resembles what we saw on the previous Passion model: its clunky four-speed transmission. There is only one 5-speed box offered by Bajaj in this segment. 

Although there isn’t any additional clog, the Pleasure Pro is fuel-efficient. According to the commuter, the highway mileage was 86.4 kmpl, and the city mileage was 75.9 kmpl. It helps to have a feature called i3s, which Hero refers to as a start/stop function. While this feature makes it easier to start the bike, it would be much better if it started up much faster. 



A flowing design has always been a trademark of the Passion, but the new version takes it a step further. A pronounced line and a significant tank extension give the vehicle an impressive presence, especially for its segment. Furthermore, it comes in bright two-tone color options, making it stand out, and it has a good Hero bike price.

A redesigned headlight accentuates the new Hero Passion Pro’s performance, and Hero claims it’s bigger and brighter than before. Additionally, the taillights have been updated and now have an upside-down U shape. As for the large clear lens indicators, those are the same as those on Hero’s Xpulse.

In the new Passion Pro, the instrument cluster uses a Digi-analogue layout to display fuel levels, odometers, trip meters, and the i3s function on the small digital screen. The i3s toggle switch is located next to this Hero’s instrumentation.


Compared to the old Passion Pro model, the new diamond frame has a single downtube rather than twin downtubes. Because of this, the motorcycle has a more communicative handling feeling. Additionally, the Passion Pro’s longer wheelbase makes it feel stable and planted as you’re driving.

While you’ll have a lot of confidence in the tires, the thinner 80/100-18s on either end don’t inspire much confidence and will make you slow down the bike around corners, especially during rainy weather. 


Moreover, Passion Pro has an improved ground clearance of 180mm, which we think is sufficient for rougher road surfaces. There will also be a positive impact from the increased suspension travel, for which Hero claims a 14% increase on the front and a 10% increase at the back.

In spite of the fact that both ends of the bike are absorbent, we observed that the rear was firmer than expected, and Hero did this because they intended to keep the bike when it was loaded. There is also a rather soft seat on the Passion Pro, which is much better for short distances up to 50 km, but above that will leave you sore.

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